i'd like to dedicate all my gratitudes to those who ever helped shape what i am today.
my parents of course top the rank; they gave me a "good enough" home where i could live freely and grow willingly.
my elder, mostly like an idol to me while father, a business man, was absent making money outside. he's always a step in front of me, and guidelined me what could be done next.
my youngster, partly a kid competitor, turned out to be part of my care when i am getting older. he showed me the competition could someday mean something cared, something important.
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  • 大衛
  • 恭喜你~其實我也寫了一篇<br />
    <br />
    只是沒用到,不知哪天才有機會....<br />
    <br />
    <br />
    哈哈~<br />
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    總之~<br />
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  • ^^<br />
    謝謝再謝謝!<br />
    這還只是第一部分而已,剛好趁著生日寫下來,<br />

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